General Conditions


1.   Responsibility.  

AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL & TOURS acts as an intermediary in the reservation or rental of the different services connected and included in the respective tour or reservation services, hotels, restaurants, transportation (air, land and lake as applicable) or other providers. Nevertheless, the responsibilities of the enterprise, acting as a travel organizer or intermediary, shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention on the travel contract, approved by Law 19918. The company is not responsible for the events that occur by accident or force majeure, weather or events occurring before or during the course of the tour to prevent, delay or otherwise impede the implementation of all or part of the services committed by the undertaking in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. Therefore disclaims all liability for damage, loss, theft or damage that may suffer the people, their property, whatever the causes that originate outside. Neither is considered responsible for modifications of schedules and / or changes in flights determined unilaterally by the participating airlines.  

2.   Air, land or lake.  

The use of air, land or lake by the passengers is a close relationship between transportation companies and passengers, so this travel company declines any responsibility for delays or cancellations advances occur by transport companies   being the expenditure incurred by the passengers. The ticket under the passenger will be the contract of carriage between passenger and carrier. This company reserves the right to change schedules and / or changes if weather conditions or force majeure or attributable to the company if required. For non-scheduled or charter services, the terms of the afore-mentioned govern. Notwithstanding this, in these cases only the price ratio for the terrestrial (transfers and / or excursions) will be refunded according to our cancellation policies.  

3.   Reservations.  

3.1 TOURS  
Individual reservations for regular tours and shows, to be paid with 24 working hours in advance. Individual reservations for private tours and transfers to be paid with 48 working hours in advance. Individual reservations means those reserves that do not exceed the amount of 09 pax per service. Group bookings will be specifically treated according to each case and payment policies, reservations and conditions will be reported through the corresponding budget.  

4.   Applications and payments.  
The price and / or reservations for services are subject to change without previous notice when there are changes in services, changes in costs, expected exchange rates, for reasons not attributable to the parties. All payments made before the final confirmation of the services are perceived as a reservation. The final confirmation of services and prices will occur with the issuance of vouchers and corresponding sales. The credit operations must meet the requirements set themselves on them. In the absence of the applicant must meet the payment of amounts in the terms and conditions set forth in the contract. In case of a substantial price increase due to increased rates of contracted services or change in currency exchange rates that require a substantial and justified the contract price and if the passenger does not accept  to pay the difference resulting from such adjustment, be required to reimburse the total amount received to date, less 10% in bank charges and administration.  

5.   Confirmation and Guarantees.  
The booking confirmation services are guaranteed with the payment made and as the remaining values to be paid within the time stipulated and accepted by the customer.  


6.   Itineraries.  
The itineraries published are for reference and are subject to change due to weather conditions, operational or any other out of our reach, without previous notice and without passengers demand compensation. This travel company reserves the right to technical or operational reasons, to alter all or partially the daily and / or services that make the tour, before or during execution.   For these variations, the passenger is not entitled to compensation. If the trip had to shorten or extend for fortuitous reasons or force majeure not attributable to the company, the expenses incurred in this situation shall be exclusively for passengers. The company may cancel any tour when some of the circumstances foreseen in art. 24 of Decree 2182/72. Once started the trip, suspension, modification or termination of services by passengers for personal reasons of any kind will not result in claims, refund or return.  

7.   Limits the right to remain.  

This travel company reserves the right to leave the tour at any point on any passenger whose conduct, mode of action, health or other serious reasons to believe the company, cause danger or inconvenience to other travelers and may spoil the success of the tour or the normal development of it.  

8.   Prices include.  

All services are specifically mentioned in each itinerary. Sightseeings and excursions included in the service purchased and detailed in the voucher, as well as transfers to and from airports, terminals and hotels as indicated. The passenger may agree with the local operator changing schedules included excursions, provided it can satisfy his/her order, otherwise, the passenger shall conform to the regular schedule. In the case of any procurement of optional excursions, they are at the risk of the passenger at the time of hiring, with no responsibility for this business travel neither for carrying it out, nor for the amount paid, and understanding that it is beyond the services purchased and / or agreed.  

9.   Prices do not include.

Extras, drinks and it is specified bilingual guides, entrance fees to parks, museums and reservations, gratuities, medical services, excess baggage charges, service charges, VAT and other taxes, current and / or future, nor any other service that is not   indicated in the respective vouchers issued by this travel company and delivered by it or through the agency which intervened in the operation. Stays, meals and / or additional expenses or damages resulting from cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of vehicles or for unforeseen reasons outside the company. Meals on routes except those that are included or planned and specified. Charges and interest on credit transactions and / or payment cards. Any expenditure by a passenger if he/she had to travel away beyond the terms established by acts of God or force majeure shall be borne by the passenger without refund or compensation.  


10.   Bonus for Residents in Argentina.  

In case of Argentine residents (people who have domicile in Argentine territory, regardless of nationality), will enjoy a bonus in some specific programs. To do this, you should confirm their status as resident or non resident in Argentina. Failure to do so, we reserve the right to make price adjustments as necessary.  

11.   Cancellation.  

The company reserves the right to cancel the tour justified under the following circumstances:  
Acts of God. Be required to reimburse the total amount received to date, less the costs arising from the bank transaction completed.  
For trips that require a minimum number of passengers to perform and if there has not been reached that number in the reserves as established by Law 18829. In this case, the cancellation is notified at least 20 days prior to departure date and are required to reimburse the total amount received to date, less the costs arising from the bank transaction completed. The cancellation must be notified in writing directly to the passenger.  

All cancellations must be notified in writing. For prepayments, cancellation fees, after deducting the percentage corresponding to / providers are the following:  

Individual reservations:  

. Regular Services  

Prior to 24 business hours prior to the commencement of services 30%.  

Except Fiesta Gaucha Estancia La Candelária, prior to 48 business hours prior to the commencement of services 30%.

. Private Services .  

Prior to 48 business hours prior to the commencement of services 30%.

Save Delta Eco Tour, prior to 72 hours prior to the commencement of services 30%.  

Failure to make the cancellations in the form and time reported, the client will forfeit any refund. If any costs are incurred for administrative and / or bank to return the total amount, the same will be deducted from the final liquidation to be paid off.  
In case of change of date or time of service, it also must be reported within the time limits for various services described in item 11.2.The same would be subject to availability at the time of the change without involving refund.  
Group bookings. Each case is specifically treated and applicable policies and conditions will be informed and confirmed.  

. For long weekends, Easter, high season, Christmas and New Year, regardless how early the service is cancelled, there may be non-refundable amounts.  

After commencement of the service, the provisions for voluntary cancellation and withdrawal of services shall apply.

12.   Change of name / date / modification of reservations.  

When authorized by the service providers, the changes can be made subject to the application of any amount for administrative expenses and / or communication if applicable and the conditions of the providers. Any amendment will be subject to change and availability.  

13.   Documentation.  

While the travel agent intervener should guide and advise on all matters relating to documentation, is the sole responsibility of each passenger to have all the proper documents for travel. The passenger must be provided with a valid passport and visa and immunization requirements depending on the itinerary chosen. It is the responsibility of the traveler have in his possession all the necessary for personal identification before, during, and its arrival at or return to the source. Failure of the above client-side will cause the loss of right to any refund. The consequences of this omission and expenses which may arise as a result of that, will be afforded by the traveler. In this case, the conditions for the voluntary withdrawal of services will be applied. It is the same applied where the authorities of any country refuses the entrance to the passenger. More information will be provided by the participating airlines and / or consulates.  

14.   Luggage.  

The company is not responsible for luggage and personal effects of the client, as they are not under contract to transport and understanding the passenger always keeps it at his/her expense, regardless of where it is transported. This tour company will not be contractually obliged to answer for the loss or damage that might suffer the luggage. It is recommended to hire a travel insurance policy to cover this type of risk.  

15.   Images and information website.  

Clarify that they are not traded, only illustrate and promote the different places.   The company regularly updates the information provided on the website, however it is not responsible for any damages that may result from errors or omissions on the site.



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